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We have successfully recruited salespeople to join our company and one of them showed us the huge potential in recruiting salespeople.
For two years, that was all we focused on until we discovered that the marketing agency route worked better than the staffing agency route.

We started recruiting for jobs through FB before FB allowed Job offers. We were one of the few agencies using Chatbots at a time when Chatbots were experiencing the biggest HYPE.

We had to convince our first clients that the best people weren’t actively looking for work. Luckily, there were enough fools who tried us, like Tomas Simek from Remax Delux or Sirius Finance.

We'll find you employees quickly and at half the price.

We are a third way for companies looking for a new way to recruit. Most companies are desperate because they don’t have enough candidates, especially for specialist roles. 90% of people are not actively looking for work. However, they are open to change if they are interested in the job opportunity and the recruitment process is playful and most importantly fun. We reach such people on the world’s largest job portal – Facebook and Instagram. Through automation, we save companies time and create the revolution of recruitment.

We're changing the lives of people who don't even know it.

People often spend more time at work than with their families, and although they are not happy at work, they prefer to go along with the stereotype and take a very long time before they decide to change. We help people to change. We help them make more money, discover unique work challenges that they enjoy more or create more free time. Recruiting using the Prodator method is more fun and innovative than searching for and rewriting a resume from several years ago, sending it out and hoping someone will respond.

Why is Prodator different?

We honor the idea: “Again and better”.
You may have already experienced the atmosphere of fear and constant criticism. Under pressure, you then make mistakes that lead to further negations. We know that mistakes are part of life. They move us. That’s why you don’t have to worry about being judged or a toxic environment. We live by being different. We live by constantly learning.

Growth & Education

We enjoy being one of the first to test new gadgets and methods that nobody in the Czechia uses or knows. We have 50% of our targeted training paid for by the company. This gives us an edge over the competition. At the same time, we realize that the most significant shift we are experiencing is stepping out of our comfort zone. This is what keeps us moving forward. Working at a startup sometimes means some discomfort. There’s chaos at times. Frequent change. But once we reach our goal, we tell ourselves that the journey was worth it.


“How do you see your job?”
“I don’t know, I have to enjoy it.”
“Oh, and what do we mean by that?”

Because everyone is fulfilled by something different. We primarily work on clients, and we work with clients that we enjoy. We try to do activities that recharge us. We look for people who enjoy their work. They are passionate and want to make a difference in the lives of people who don’t even know it.

The company is our second family

Czechs have been working for over 35 years. That’s a long time to worry about work, don’t you think? That’s why we like to spend time together outside of work. We’ll go to the gym together, have lunch or go to the Company Offsite. We share our work and personal experiences on the regular Daily Huddle or in chat. Why? Because sharing leads to connection. And that’s essential for us.

We work from anywhere

We are constantly faced with the fact that only a small number of Czech companies offer home office or remote collaboration. We take these benefits for granted. We know that we need to feel good during our work activities, so we don’t care whether it’s in the office, at home on the terrace or on the beach.


Nobody likes routine tasks. They bore us, they bring no value, no joy. That’s why we use automation for most tasks, which we create ourselves and save us time and energy.

We are having a dialogue

What is the main added value you get with us? Life. When it really is one for all and all for one. An individual is never more than a team. That’s what makes us feel better than corporate. With open feedback and regular annual meetings with the management on a personal basis, you know you are being heard.

The first meeting

Jarda met Michal during AIESEC at university.



Michal lectures in Mexico for hundreds of entrepreneurs at the conference "How to use online tools for recruitment".


Prodator saves lives

Prodator saves lives with a campaign for the Genesys beauty clinic.

03 / 2019

Founding of Prodator agency

Michal moved back from Sydney and Jarda from Bangkok to set up the Prodator marketing agency.

06 / 2019

First clients

We signed our first client for a recruitment campaign - the largest call centre to sell capital markets over the phone.

07 / 2019

First office

We are opening offices in Prague StartUp Center.

10 / 2019

Establishing a team

The first female headhunter, assistant and salesperson joins Prodator.

02 / 2020

Putting clients first

We changed the business model. The client now pays the same amount for the campaign regardless of the number of arrivals.

06 / 2021

Extended focus

We are also increasingly focusing on specialised positions from electrician to chef to CNC operator.

01 / 2022

Modern Recruitment as a Competitive Advantage in 2023

We organized an event for 50 specialists from HR, Marketing and Business owners on how to recruit new employees in a modern way. Lectures were given by experts from our company and Táňa Strojná, President of the Association of HR Professionals, shared her experience.

11 / 2022

Words of the founder

I don’t want to use people to build Prodator. I want to use Prodator to build people.

Sustained and large growth is a long-term crisis in a company. Prepare for it. As a startup, we are growing at rocket speeds in the high teens if not hundreds of percent per year and that comes at a cost. Are you willing to pay it?

The team without which we would not be where we are now

Michal Mikulášek

Founder & CEO

Michal lived and studied business in Sydney, Australia, and moved back to Prague after founding the marketing agency Prodator in 2019. He manages the firm’s sales, recruitment and international expansion. Every week he shares something from agency life or recruitment campaigns on Linkedin. Add me to your connections. 😉

+420 792 305 944

Founder & CEO

Jaroslav Ostruszka

Co-Founder & Marketing Magician

Jarda is a marketing wizard. He launched the hit fidget spinner Spinee in the Czech Republic and within 3 months exceeded the turnover of 1 million crowns. Jarda is the quality guarantor of recruitment campaigns and is also responsible for training new media buyers.


Co-founder and Marketer

Danilo Medenica

Marketing Business Manager

Danilo worked 2 years in sales for Bontonfilm and in film production. He responded to 3 of our own campaigns as a salesman and eventually joined us because he liked our vision to change the recruitment market not only in the Czech Republic. He primarily consults with new clients to see if they are suitable for a recruitment campaign. Every week he shares something interesting about recruitment on LinkedIn.

+420 775 150 283

Marketing Business Manager

Kateřina Dvořáková

Clients Manager

Kateřina worked as an Operation Manager in an architectural firm and then in a dynamic start-up, where she was responsible for the expansion of the company into European countries, setting up processes with individual partners and managing a small team of people. At Prodator she is responsible for coordinating client recruitment campaigns. Her goal is always to keep colleagues and customers happy and achieve the desired goals together.

+420 603 941 139

Clients Manager

Jiří Křelina

Marketing Manager

Jirka leads a team of media buyers and oversees the quality performance of campaigns. He has experience in performance marketing, brand awareness, writing and HR. He has worked as a marketing generalist at Xiaomi, Slevomat and PSN.

Marketing Manager

Jakub Jevčič

Web Designer & FB Marketing Helper

He took his first steps in the online world in England, where he worked on projects with British Airways and Brighton Council. In Slovakia he had the opportunity to work as an online marketer for Holiday Inn Trnava or one of the best hotels Zlatý Kľúčik. Today, he mainly focuses on website development, social media maintenance, where he recently cooperates with the innovative Prodator.cz company.

Web designer

Martina Kubíčková

Marketing Business Consultant

Martina has years of experience in various call centres, where she was involved in the development and establishment of new departments or branches. She is also a certified coach and soft skills trainer. She is currently doing initial analyses where she finds out the needs of companies and offers them a possible way to find quality candidates in an innovative way.


Marketing Business Consultant

Eduard Hlava

IT Analytik

Eduard is here through automation, which means we don’t need more people on the team because you’d be surprised what can be done when you know how to do it. He prepares client campaigns technically and speeds up company processes.

IT Analytik

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