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Clients Manager:

Kateřina Dvořáková

FB Marketing Expert:

Jaroslav Ostruszka

Marketing Business Consultant:

Danilo Medenica

Position wanted:

Real estate agent

People need to live all the time. The property market is constantly rising and so are the options on offer, which the client needs to navigate. Given Bidli’s comprehensive portfolio, we were looking for new specialists in real estate, mortgages, financing or investments. We selected housing guides across the whole of the Czechia. Each branch was looking for approximately 5 new colleagues with experience in finance and real estate.

Recruitment at Bidli was conducted prior to our collaboration through LinkedIn, recruitment portals and career sites.

BIDLI holding, a.s.

The history of Bidli dates back to 2003. It is the largest housing project in the Czech Republic. It provides its clients with housing services from A to Z. It can help with mortgage processing and home staging.

The beginning of our cooperation

As we proceeded

We approached each campaign individually. Although the position description was similar, the size of the target group was crucial. Each location also had a different call to action. The advantage was that many people already knew Bidli at the time and marketers knew that the property market was growing. So they could sense the potential for high earnings. For some, the opportunity to work in a branch that customers themselves sought out was key.

Differentiating them from the competition

In the ad texts we highlighted why Bidli is different and what the advantages are compared to competitors.

Become a part of Bidli, which is located in Jindřišská Street. Last year alone, my team generated a turnover of over 4 billion and served over 1,000 clients in Prague.

The fact is that our brokers earn several times more than the competition. Why?
Because we have internally managed the complete client service from offering properties, arranging mortgages to providing energy.

As a result, we maximize commission for brokers and enable a literally “god-like” service that makes clients refer us on without asking.

What sets us apart from the competition and what do we do differently than anyone else in the market?
👉 Every month we are contacted by hundreds of clients from Prague who are not sure how to choose the right property. Thanks to our lead-generation system, you can start helping them with their problem right away.
👉 You learn from people who earn 200.000 CZK per month and can pass on their experience to you
👉 You get a company car with a parking card in Prague 1.

Because for the last 10 years in business, I know that only those who can grit their teeth and put the pedal to the metal will succeed.

I’ve prepared a short test to see if you’re exactly the personality we’re looking for or if you’re better off on a fixed salary in a corporate job with minimal free time.

35 questions.
4 minutes of your time.

Click on the picture and move on!

Creation of unique ads

For the client, we created unique graphic designs for ads that were promoted on social media.

Results in the first weeks

We created new graphics based on the photos provided. The banners Bidli used were very generic, non-contrasting, uninteresting and even embarrassing. Our goal is to create a desire for change in the candidates. Generic slogans will never achieve that.

With specific benefits we attracted a much larger audience and with an attractive brand we managed to recruit 4 real estate agents in the first month alone.

Project highlights

73 relevant leads in the 1st month
We used a comparison of the average salary in the region and in Bidli
In the texts we mentioned the main advantages of working at Bidli and the differentiation from the competition

The results of our work

Price per lead
Recruitment cost
Advertising reach

Position wanted

Real estate agent

Length of cooperation

4 months

Case Studies

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