Astronomical 17 production operator arrivals in 3 months of cooperation

Clients Manager:

Kateřina Dvořáková

FB Marketing Expert:

Jiří Křelina

Marketing Business Consultant:

Danilo Medenica

Position wanted:

Production operator

Mubea operates 3 large plants in the Czech Republic with over 3,500 employees and needed our help to boost production. Due to the great need for new CNC machine operators and production operators, three were created from the original one campaign. So we were looking for production operators in Prostejov, Dolní Kralovice and Žebrák.

This is Mubea

The main specialization is the production of carbon products for automotive companies such as Porsche, Bentley, McLaren, Aston Martin, etc. It is one of the leaders of technological innovation in the automotive world with more than a century of tradition. They have 48 production sites worldwide with more than 14,000 employees.

How did we start our collaboration?

Hello Michal, we are having trouble reaching production positions. Can you help us with that? Thank you, Andrea
Hello Andrea, thank you very much for your message. I’m sure we know how to help you! Let’s make a call where I can explain it to you in more detail.

The beginning of our cooperation

Success came almost immediately. In the first week of the campaign, we managed to connect the client with 35 potential candidates, 13 of whom were interviewed in person.

When writing the ad, we were mindful of longevity, stability and interesting benefits. For example, Mubea did not lay off a single employee during the covid-19 pandemic. They have free transport to all production halls, contribute to petrol for driving enthusiasts, have an extra week’s holiday or a 13th salary. All of which people care about. That’s also why we were getting 0,12 € per click on the landing page at the beginning of the campaign. For optimization, it was 3,83 € for filling out a questionnaire.

In addition to the benefits, authenticity also helped. The graphics featured real employees from the production halls that the audience recognized on Facebook. It was the recommendations of current employees, the reactions of their friends and the organic sharing of the advert that helped to reach people further.

Creation of unique ads

For the client, we created unique graphic designs for ads that were promoted on social media.

Results in the first weeks

The company’s recruitment strategy was primarily through job portals and Facebook ads.

However, the promotion of Facebook posts was not targeted in any way and did not catch on. The text was primarily about a basic message with a contact on a landline. Pretty retro, don’t you think?

The graphics were a form of word processing of key information such as job title and requirements. We felt this was very ineffective as this information belongs in the text of the post and not in the graphic. The graphic was not prominent, so it blended into the feed and didn’t grab attention.

Our solution

In today’s automated age, where you just need to click less and less, there is a growing emphasis on other elements of promotion that have a major impact on the bottom line. One of the main factors is the attractive processing of advertising. Or rather, all the elements that go with it.

In particular:

  • We used authentic photos of real company employees.
  • We matched the graphics to the Mubea brand, but created interesting graphic elements that will catch the eye.
  • We communicated key and specific benefits as the main message.
  • The CTA really encouraged people to click through further and fill out the survey.


Focus on continuous testing

Every campaign is different. It has a different target group that responds to different arguments. Different audiences. Different budgets. For this reason, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different things can work in each advertising account. That’s why we continually review results and respond promptly to any drop in performance.

Project highlights

205 contacts in the first 2 months and 14 starts
Average price per interview 36,54 €
Over 50 ad shares by current employees and their friends

The results of our work

Price per lead
Recruitment cost
Advertising reach

Position wanted

Production operator

Length of cooperation

3 months

Our comment on the cooperation

Lead was generated from cold emailing on 11/22/2021. The main information was that they were having trouble filling production positions. Andrea Soukupová, from the Žebrák plant, was very interested in our method because of the need they have. They are constantly recruiting for production operator positions. Their job portals don’t work, people don’t apply enough and when someone does show up, they don’t show up for the interview. They’ve tried other sources. Advertisements on buses, billboards, leaflets, advertising on local radio… In order, these activities cost them more than 200,000 CZK and brought them nothing. Finally, they tried a so-called targeted SMS campaign, sending out 20,000 SMS and arranging only 3 interviews. Mrs. Soukup was excited about our method and was looking for a way to get the campaign approved during December so that it could start as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to the Christmas holidays and vacations in Germany, this was not possible. The guarantee of a trial month helped to make the final decision to work together. During January, the campaign was approved and launched not only for the race in Žebrák, but also in Dolní Kralovice and Prostějov, where they solved the same problem. The very first month led to a huge success with 123 contacts, 17 interviews and 6 hires. Mubea confirmed the remaining 2 months and any doubts were gone.

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