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Clients Manager:

Kateřina Dvořáková

FB Marketing Expert:

Jiří Křelina

Marketing Business Consultant:

Michal Mikulášek

Position wanted:


We started negotiations with the owner of S-Power, Mr. Šuvarský, in January 2022. From neither source (HR recruitment agencies/job portals) were they able to fill the PV electrician position with qualified candidates with sufficient experience and willingness to travel. From neither source were they able to fill the PV electrician position with qualified candidates with sufficient experience and willingness to travel. They needed to hire at least 6 people in 3 months (May, June, July). We were able to meet this expectation within one month. How? Find out below.

S-Power Energies s.r.o.

Czech company, which has been a long-term leader in the domestic market of rooftop photovoltaic power plants. They have already connected 6,666 houses and businesses to the sun across the country. They will design and build a turnkey photovoltaic system or a combination with a heat pump. They will also arrange for obtaining subsidies.

The beginning of our cooperation

Target met in one month

S-Power needed to find qualified electricians to install photovoltaics and heat pumps in houses. Our campaign was so successful that 206 applicants applied for the electrician position in the first month alone, with 21 interviews and 8 starts arranged! Thus, we delivered the three-month expectations within one month, the client solved an urgent staff shortage and in the further course of the cooperation could only choose from potential candidates with PV experience.

Creation of unique ads

For the client, we created unique graphic designs for ads that were promoted on social media.

Results in the first weeks

Our solution

For the position of electrician, it is of course necessary to have Decree No. 50/1978 Coll. on professional competence in electrical engineering. In preparing the campaign, we have therefore also focused on technical questions. For example, we added a question to the questionnaire with a picture of a wire that the person filling it in had to identify. This qualified the candidates and saved the client 40% of their time compared to deciphering knowledge from a CV.


Great cooperation is essential

Nimka, who heads both marketing and HR, is one of the most knowledgeable people we have had the pleasure of working with on the client side.

Project highlights

In the first month alone we got 206 relevant leads
We checked the relevance of the candidate before the interview
The first candidate came on board the day after the campaign was launched

The results of our work

Price per lead
Recruitment cost
Advertising reach

Position wanted


Length of cooperation

3 months

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