We urgently need hundreds of people at Amsterdam airport!

Clients Manager:

Kateřina Dvořáková

FB Marketing Expert:

Jaroslav Ostruszka

Marketing Business Consultant:

Michal Mikulášek

Position wanted:

Airport Work - Handling / Cargo / Cleaning

The cooperation consisted of getting contacts for temporary workers who will travel to the Netherlands and experience a six-month adventure working at Schiphol International Airport. The success of the campaign was not only in delivering the required number of leads, but also in creating a better conversion funnel for potential candidates to go through and fill out questionnaires.

This is WorkTravel

International agency with eight years of experience in securing work abroad with more than 2000 job placements.

The beginning of our cooperation

Since this was a start-up project, we decided that after the candidate fills out the questionnaire, we will create a process that will automatically generate a PDF that prepares the so-called “security clearance” for the Dutch authorities, so that the client will be able to send the application directly. This step was to greatly simplify the onboarding process and the applicants had no worries.

Creation of unique ads

For the client, we created unique graphic designs for ads that were promoted on social media.

Results in the first weeks

The process was as follows

From the campaign, the visitor went to the landing page -> filled out the questionnaire -> personal information was generated into a pre-made PDF (security clearance) -> The candidate printed the PDF, signed it, scanned it and sent it back to the email -> Then a contract was automatically sent to the candidate, which also contained his personal information, which he signed and sent back to our email, where it was picked up by our assistant and the contract was sent to the Dutch authorities


Ad wording:

Imagine what it would be like to travel to the Netherlands, meet new people, improve your English, have a huge amount of fun and excitement and earn 297,000 CZK in 6 months working at one of the busiest airports in Europe!

What’s in store for you if you sign up now?
👉 You’ll start working at Schiphol Airport and earn a minimum of 297,000 CZK in 6 months.
👉 You can choose to start either in September or October this year.
👉 You’ll get paid weekly, so you won’t have to wait more than 7 days before you have funds in your account.
👉 You’ll improve your English to the level where you will speak like a ninja 😎.
👉 We’ll arrange your accommodation so you don’t have to spend time calling and stressing.

Who is this opportunity for?
✅ For students who want to travel around Europe while impressing their future employers with experience abroad and more advanced English language skills.
✅ For people who want to earn up to 100% more than the average salary in the Czech Republic while not waiting 30 days for a paycheck, because we pay weekly 😎.
✅ For all those who realize that without work there are no cakes and are looking for a very well paid job. Plus they get 150% extra pay if they choose to work weekends.

The fact is we have been doing this for 8 years. In that time, we have helped people like you. and we have a total of 15 employers at the airport who keep the operations running smoothly.

Want to have the best year of your life? Our opportunities make the Netherlands the most desirable destination after England.

Click on the image, fill out the registration form and our coordinator will contact you to go through everything you need to know.



As we were targeting the whole of the Czech Republic, it was essential to work with the target audience. The offer was particularly attractive to young people or students, and we tailored the communication and graphics accordingly. For example, we used a carousel, story format and advertised on TikTok in addition to Facebook and Instagram.

I also worked with interests and statuses. The best performing ad set was on young single people and people who like to travel. The reasons are simple. They have no commitments, they are not afraid to explore new places and of course they want to earn interesting money.


With a larger target group, you need to work more with the audience. How do they think? What are they interested in? Why should the offer be attractive to them?

With this campaign, it was seen that the opportunity to earn an attractive income – you don’t earn 50,000 CZK a month with a regular part-time job – the opportunity to travel to another country and improve your English worked very well. This can also help you in your future career. In total, we delivered 1,756 qualified leads and 284 delivered security clearances in 3 months. The questionnaire conversion rate was a fantastic 41% and on average it took around 4 minutes and 11 seconds to complete the questionnaire.

Project highlights

In the beginning, the campaign was smooth. After a few weeks, however, Facebook began to very actively reject advertising, apparently because of “reporting”. So we had to run the campaign on several fan pages at the same time to ensure the campaign ran uninterrupted.
People responded most strongly to potential earnings in advertising campaigns. For a temporary worker, 50,000 CZK per month was very attractive.
The most powerful graphic was a photo where it was raining. Here it is confirmed that sunshine and smiles do not necessarily guarantee a good result.

The results of our work

Price per lead
Recruitment cost
Advertising reach

Position wanted

Airport Work – Handling / Cargo / Cleaning

Length of cooperation

3 months

Our comment on the cooperation

The beginning of the cooperation was sewn with a bit of a hot needle, because the client was in a backlog of positions. One of the main reasons they decided to work with us is that after the changes made by Facebook, we can still target by age. We were also able to provide him with complete candidate screening, security clearance preparation and communication with candidates up until the time of departure. We were able to set this up in a record time of a whopping 14 days and brought in a number of innovations to save HR time.

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