Incredible 511 applicants for truck driver in 1st month

Clients Manager:

Kateřina Dvořáková

FB Marketing Expert:

Jiří Křelina

Marketing Business Consultant:

Danilo Medenica

Position wanted:

Truck driver

There is a shortage of around 5 000 truck drivers in the Czech Republic. The shortage is becoming a serious problem, according to the association of road hauliers Česmad and transport companies. It is beginning to cause delays in the delivery of products and raw materials. After an initial call with Hödlmayr, we found out that the company’s total understaffing is 20 drivers. From the job portals, someone occasionally apply, but the quantity and quality are very poor. And most importantly, this understaffing is a long-term problem.
So the task was clear, to find new truck drivers for transport both in the Czech Republic and Europe.

This is Hödlmayr

A successful, international, family-owned business that supplies automotive logistics. It has been on the market since 1954 and has branches in 16 countries.

The beginning of our cooperation

This was one of the first campaigns on drivers. Here we specifically recruited truck drivers for the Czech Republic and Europe.

When we were writing the ad, we obviously based it on key benefits. Attractive salary up to 3,500 Euro net (and all this officially and on HPP), choice of routes, possibility to be from anywhere in the Czech Republic, new and modern trucks and attractive clients.

Yes, truck drivers may not be the most popular on the roads. Everyone can imagine the traffic jam that slows down traffic every day. That’s why we focused on a specific job and what its advantages are (especially over the competition). Hödlmayr truck drivers transport new cars from well-known car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and others. So there is no dirty work for them. They have 24/7 dispatching, larger and more comfortable cabs and, of course, the opportunity to experience new places during their break.

And we found many more advantages.

Creation of unique ads

For the client, we created unique graphic designs for ads that were promoted on social media.

Results in the first weeks

The campaign became a big hit. On the first day alone, 22 qualified drivers signed up. In the first week, we got 187 qualified leads. The cost of a contact was a whopping 0,78 Euro. Of course, everyone had to have a C+E license and a clean criminal record.

The specific text of the ad was:

Get up to 3,500 Euro (over 85,000 CZK) a month net and do a job your friends will envy!

We are Hödlmayr. We have been on the market since 1954 and specialise in the transport of new vehicles for car manufacturers throughout Europe.

Right now we are looking for new drivers for our modern, safe and comfortable trucks.

What do you get with us?

A premium salary of up to 3,500 Euros per month, which is over 85,000,- CZK per month net.

You drive only new, modern and comfortable trucks.

You can choose if you want to drive only in the Czech Republic or if you want to drive all over Europe.

You can see the most beautiful cities in Europe during your break.

A Czech-speaking dispatcher who is available whenever you need him.

The opportunity to sit in the latest cars from well-known brands such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and many others.

The background of a stable company with a friendly, family atmosphere.

What do you have to meet?

Have a C+E driving licence.

Have a clean criminal record.

If you meet this, you have a unique chance to join us as we are only recruiting a limited number of new drivers. Click on the image to be taken to a quick questionnaire (only takes 3 minutes), fill it out and we’ll get back to you shortly!

So don’t hesitate and click on the picture.


Thanks to this success, we have also launched other campaigns for Weindel Logistik Service CR and H clients. A. S. These recruitment campaigns also had a great performance. We are simply doing a great job in recruiting drivers.


Have you figured out how much it costs you per month to miss a particular employee?

If an unused truck is parked outside, it costs the company 2000 – 4000 Euro per month for leasing. If you have 10 trucks sitting outside because you don’t have enough drivers, you can get into a very uncomfortable situation.

Project highlights

We are currently working on an automation that will create an automatic rejection of a candidate by SMS, thus reducing the demands on HR.
We have also arranged cooperation with other countries in the group, such as Slovakia or Bulgaria.
In addition to great results from paid advertising, organic ad distribution helped performance. Interested parties shared the ad to their friends and groups via their private profiles. In the first month alone, the ad was shared 112 times.

The results of our work

Price per lead
Recruitment cost
Advertising reach

Position wanted

Truck driver

Length of cooperation

1 Month

Our comment on the cooperation

The first communication between Hödlmayr and us was the result of our activities, a direct email enquiry asking if they were also concerned about the situation with the lack of candidates for open positions.

The email with the question was sent on September 5, before it reached the right hands in their company, it took about 14 days and on September 21 Zuzana Fabiánová called back asking how we could help them with the shortage of candidates for the position of International Truck Driver.

We then arranged a meeting with the CEO, Libor Šadek, who was generally impressed with our method, mainly because of the contract and cooperation, where we guarantee the client a result and if we do not deliver it within the trial month, then he does not have to pay anything more. During the next 3 days we signed a 1+6 month contract and started working on the preparation.

On October 12, the first ever recruitment campaign for international truck drivers using the Prodator method was launched and after the first day it was clear that it was a hit.

Libor Šadek’s satisfaction was at such a level that after a week of running the campaign we had already arranged a meeting with 5 other Hödlmayr CEOs in Europe, including Johannes Hödlmayr.

This was all thanks to a cold email with a quick question if they had a problem with recruitment. Had we not sent this email, they would probably still don’t know about us today and still have a problem.

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