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Join the elite ranks and take charge of our French market expansion. If you’ve got the B2B prowess and the ambition for an $85k first-year earnings goal, and are ready to harness benefits like a fantastic base salary, substantial commissions, and a generous passive income stream, then this is the career leap you’ve been waiting for!

Why Join Us?

Remote Work? Sales Pros, Here's Your Goldmine!

For business-savvy, deal-closing mavericks, remote work with us isn’t just about convenience; it’s about maximizing potential:

We are Prodator.

We are the leading champions of HR marketing in Central Europe. With over 250 recruitment campaigns, we’ve collaborated with giants like City of Prague, RE/MAX, Generali, Allianz, O2, Mubea, Dutch Airport, and industry titan Amazon.

Our niche? Recruitment campaigns.

We’re the only player in the market offering an irresistible guarantee.

If we don’t hire 9 employees within 90 days, we work for free!

That’s right!

And you get your commission anyway. That’s how much we trust in our game-changing service.

We’ve revolutionized recruitment, ensuring clients don’t pay a fortune. Our placement fees speak volumes

  • €512 for a long-haul trucker
  • €1,050 for an electrician
  • €620 for a salesperson
  • €340 for a production operator

Our proposition to clients isn’t a fairy tale. They witness quicker hires at less than half the expenditure of traditional agencies.

Could You Be the One?

Want to lead our growth in France and earn up to $85k in your first year?

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