Companies are desperate because job portals does not work... The best candidates are not actively looking for work.

We know how to find them and get them to you.

Reach new candidates and professionals from the competition.
Focus on targeted online recruitment with us.

If we don’t meet the targets, you don’t pay. We take fairness and guarantees for granted.

Referrals used to be the best way to get quality employees. Times are changing and the digitalisation of HR is here! In today’s hyper-competitive environment, finding a quality employee is hard. Reach out to new candidates and professionals from competitors. Focus on targeted online recruitment with us. With lead generation, you will increase the number of applicants and select new employees.

99% of companies

who recruit, advertise on job portals where they compete for candidates with other companies. (250,000 people a month go to job portals)

Only 1%

of innovative companies are using Facebook recruitment to gain a strong competitive advantage. (5.2 million people are on Facebook every month)

Stop looking for quality people where there aren’t any.

We specialize exclusively in recruiting new people for companies.

We are a partner for companies that need to grow quickly and do not have enough candidates.

We strongly believe that if we each did what we do best, we would achieve greater results together.

  • Thanks to our cooperation with us, the corporate HR of our clients has a lot to choose from, who to interview and train.
  • For a change, internal marketing has the opportunity to focus more on content creation and branding because they know the company culture best, which helps HR campaigns succeed.

We are trusted by some of the most innovative companies:

When we started, we were the only ones and we had to convince clients that Facebook was the way to go.

Today, others copy us in everything from visuals to copywriting to surveys.
What they can’t copy is our results.

Today, Adria Gold is the largest producer of artisan ice cream in the Czech Republic and produces 400,000 litres of ice cream annually. The job portals didn’t work. We agreed on a 2-month cooperation.

In the first month alone we delivered 98 contacts and the interview cost only 32 €. The company’s reputation helped a lot.

Campaign duration: 2 months
Price per completed interview: 32 €


The model of providing contacts without having to pay for the selected person was much more acceptable to him.

We launched the campaign on the 23rd of August and to date have received 221 contacts, of which 5 people have started and are currently ramping up.

The main reason for continuing to work with them is that they have not had as many contacts to work with in their entire history of operation, and at the same time, they have increased awareness of their company in the area and are recruiting. They are also hearing from people who know them but didn’t know they were looking for people.

Campaign duration: 3 months
Price per completed interview: 92 €

We helped to find sales representatives for They deal with IT management for large companies and small households and needed our help to recruit experienced people.

During our work together we were able to connect the client with 112 candidates where 21 of them were interviewed in person with 1 successful hire.

Campaign duration: 3 months
Price per completed interview: 49 €

Allianz found that looking for salespeople on job portals was a waste of time, so they contacted us to help them find 5 salespeople to join their team.

In a short space of time we ran a recruitment campaign where we were able to connect the client with 199 contacts of which 100 were on a telephone interview and 58 on a face to face interview. Out of the total number of candidates, 5 salespeople were successfully matched.

Take a look at case studies of several different campaigns from Broker Consulting and OK Points.

The very first director to work with us was Pavel Zym. He knew recruiting wasn’t his strong suit. He had no way to get better at it without enough interviews. In this he greatly appreciated our call script.

As soon as the number one BC – Jakub Novotný – started working with us and Vojtech Votava for Pilsen, who had 6 people join him and he wasn’t halfway through the campaign, word got out. You can watch the video-reference from Mr. Matlicka and Mr. Tatýrek here.

Campaign duration: 26 months
Price per completed interview: 46 €

Sirius Finance - Dušan Mátl

We met with the owner of the company on 18.12.2019 and because he liked the whole system very much and recruitment was a big priority, 3 days later we made a mass presentation to the directors and board of the company.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity of the gallows launch date in January, which is the strongest recruitment period of the year.

We launched 2 campaigns at the same time. In 14 months, 51 financial advisors have joined the Prague office alone. Watch the English video reference provided by our Regional Director Dusan Mátl for our international expansion.

Campaign duration: 14 months
Price per completed interview: 36 €

We created a recruitment campaign for SFG Holding, a finance and real estate company. They only had room for a few experienced candidates and had no positive results from job portals.

We were able to connect the client with 278 contacts, with 55 of them being interviewed and 2 of them successfully placed in a trader role.

Campaign duration: 11 months
Price per completed interview: 65 €

The Sales Director for the Czech Republic contacted us in September 2019 because he had heard that we had recruited over 30 stockbrokers for CCI (our first client). 

The campaign was launched at the end of October 2019 and within 12 months we delivered a total of: 900 qualified leads and there were a total of: 35 on-boardings and of those 22 were still selling after 6 months. The best salesman even closed the biggest client in the history of the Czech branch for $ 1.500.000.

“From the Prodator pilot campaign, 9 candidates have joined the position of Stockbroker within 2 months. 4 of them are our top traders and they are earning a hundred thousand crowns per month without a doubt. I also see the great advantage of working with us in the care and education they provide in addition to their services as an added value. We look forward to further cooperation!” HR Jitka Jetlebová

Campaign duration: 20 months
Price per completed interview: 26 €

BICZ focuses on finance, investments and property reconstruction.

Our task was to create a campaign to recruit sales representatives.

This was a 2 month collaboration where we managed to deliver 63 contacts to the client. A total of 24 interviews were conducted, of which 11 were successful hires.

EAFG Capital Ventures s.r.o.

EAFG Capital Venture was having trouble recruiting for a sales representative position and contacted us for help with a recruitment campaign.

This was a 3 month engagement where we were able to deliver 254 leads to the client. A total of 57 interviews took place, of which 18 were successful recruitments for the Sales Representative position.

Campaign duration: 3 months
Price per completed interview: 25 €

For GFF, a technology, agriculture and property development company, we helped find qualified salespeople to join their team.

We were able to connect the client with 175 contacts, with 32 of them being interviewed.

FX Central Europe Investments is dedicated to helping and understanding people with Forex investments.

They needed us to help them find experienced and professional traders for their team and knew they couldn’t find anyone like that on the job portal!

From our work together we managed to get over 250 contacts, with 14 of them successfully taking up a trading position.


Take a look at the case studies of several different RE/MAX offices at once. The very first cooperation with us was started by the most successful RE/MAX office in Moravia, headed by Tomas Simek, who is an innovator and is constantly looking for new ways to push the real estate business. His video reference is here.

A total of 8 RE/MAX offices have joined us so far. Such as Miroslav Herain in Prague, Jan Zachystal from RE/MAX Alfa or Mr. Chadima from RE/MAX G8, who was recommended by Mrs. Kohler. In Brno, for example, campaigns for Mr Červinka from RE/MAX PRO or RE/MAX Attractive were running.

A real estate agent can only cover his costs after half a year, but we still managed to bring over 13 people to the real estate trade.

Campaign duration: +30 months
Price per completed interview: 46 €

Bidli is a unique concept of +30 companies that solve everything around housing. 18 years on the Czech market. +700 consultants (salespeople) across the entire Bidli holding. 8,470 properties sold since 2010.

Cooperation with us started with Petr Říhá, who recommended it to 2 other directors after the success of the first campaign. You can watch his video-reference here. Václav Ston for Prague and Mr. Kukaček for South Bohemia. All of them have had a total of 20 boardings so far.

Campaign duration: +24 months
Price per completed interview: 41€

Benefit, which specialises in financial advice and insurance claims. They were looking for experienced sales people to look after their clients and deliver a professional service.

This was a short term project and within 3 months we successfully recruited 128 people, arranged 76 interviews and 15 successful hires. 

Campaign duration: 3 months
Price per completed interview: 75 €

For IQ Tender we were looking for Pre-sales Consultants to help customers review their energy and gas contracts.

From working together for 3 months we gained over 120 leads for the client, of which 14 were successful interviews.

For Woltair, a company specialising in the installation of Heat Pumps and Photovoltaics, we created a recruitment campaign for operators for the Prague call centre.

In 4 months we were able to deliver 159 contacts to the client, with 26 of these being interviewed and 5 hires.

Campaign duration: 4 months
Price per completed interview: 49 €

S-Power started working with us when they needed to find qualified candidates to install Photovoltaics and Heat Pumps in houses.

During the search, we also focused on technical questions where we put a picture of a wire and the candidate had to write what it was. This saved the client 40% time compared to divining knowledge from a CV.

Our campaign was very successful and over 175 candidates applied for the electrical engineer position in the first month, with 21 interviews and 6 starts arranged out of the total!

For Woltair, a company that specialises in the installation of Heat Pumps and Photovoltaics, we created a recruitment campaign for a sales representative to assist customers with grants.

When creating the campaign, we focused on technical issues that were able to easily select quality candidates for the client. The questions were questions like: How many kW is 1 MW or I’m facing a south-facing roof, it’s 9am daylight saving time. What will I see if I look to my right?

In 2 months, we were able to deliver 449 leads to the client, with 5 of those leads being interviews and 4 hires.


It is very difficult to find experienced and reliable welders nowadays, which is why we were contacted by JobDella, a company that provides welding work in Germany, France and Hungary.

It was important for them that the job seekers had knowledge in TIG 141 1-6 mm, MAG 135 8-55 mm (stacked welds), MIG 131 for 2-10 mm materials (aluminium) or MIG 131 1-6 mm.

With this information, we prepared a campaign which was very successful in the first 2 weeks, with over 45 applicants interested in the position. 

Budget Officer

We were looking for a budgeter for Ecotainers, a company that builds designer and luxury homes using eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

This was a challenge mainly because it was a very specialised position and the target group was not very broad. Therefore, we came up with a second angle and offered the opportunity as a part-time opportunity as well.

After this step, more candidates started to apply as the part-time job offered a new way to supplement their current job.

Service technician

The fact that we are not afraid of technical positions is proven by our cooperation with, for which we recruited an assembly technician in Dobris.

Although it is a small town with about 9,000 inhabitants, we managed to recruit 101 people in the first month alone and arrange 10 interviews at a price of 51 € per interview.


Recruitment of warehouse workers for Amazon in Dobrovíz. This cooperation took place in cooperation with the recruitment agency Randstat.

We delivered qualified leads via a questionnaire, which when the candidate successfully passed, they booked an interview time on Interviews were conducted online via webinar 4 times a day on weekdays and even at the weekend. This was followed by a health check and then straight into the interview.

The price of the leadoff was even as low as 0,8 € at the beginning, but over time, especially around Christmas, the price went up 2 – 3 times higher.

Campaign duration: 6 months
Price per completed interview: 11 €

Mubea specializes in the production of carbon products for automotive companies such as Porsche, Bentley, etc. They have 3 large plants and needed us to help them find production staff.

We had to target 3 different jobs in 3 different locations for this campaign as each plant manufactures products using a different process.

In the first week that our campaign was launched, we were able to connect the client with 35 potential candidates, 13 of which were interviewed in person.


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We started in September 2019 with the most difficult positions to fill. Mostly sole traders. Now, we're doing a lot more of them these days:

Did you know that 60% of our clients have never even tried FB recruitment before working with us?

40% did and the quality wasn’t good or they wanted more so they started working with us.

How much more could your business grow,
if you had more capable people?

Prodator recruitment method revolutionizes not
only in the Czech Republic
and qualifies candidates for you.

Speed – you can have your first leads in as little as 3 weeks
from the signing of the contract and onboarding within one to two months.

If you don’t want to be limited by referrals only,
and you need more people, we’re here for you.

The team without which we wouldn't be where we are now

Michal Mikulášek
He lived and studied business in Sydney, Australia, and moved back to Prague after founding the marketing agency Prodator in 2019. He manages the firm's sales, recruitment and international expansion. Every week he shares something from agency life or recruitment campaigns on Linkedin. Add me to your connections. 😉

Founder & CEO
+420 792 305 944
Jaroslav Ostruszka
Jarda is a marketing wizard. He launched the hit fidget spinner Spinee in the Czech Republic and within 3 months exceeded the turnover of 1 million crowns. Jarda is the quality guarantor of recruitment campaigns and is also responsible for training new media buyers.

Co-founder & Marketingový mág
Danilo Medenica
Danilo worked 2 years in sales for Bontonfilm and in film production. He responded to 3 of our own campaigns as a salesman and eventually joined us because he liked our vision to change the recruitment market not only in the Czech Republic. He primarily consults with new clients to see if they are suitable for a recruitment campaign. Every week he shares something interesting about recruitment on LinkedIn.

Marketing Business Manager
Lenka Bednárová
Lenka previously worked as a Project Manager at Comdata. She has valuable HR experience that has accompanied her in every position she has held, and she is no stranger to marketing and sales. She started with us as a Client Manager, where she coordinated marketing campaigns. Now, she will be your partner not only in the initial client analysis, but she will also show you what a recruitment campaign might look like for the position she is currently filling.

Marketing Business Consultant
+420 731 339 465
Martina Kubíčková
Martina has many years of experience in various call centres, where she was involved in the development and establishment of new departments or branches. She is also a certified coach and soft skills trainer. She has decided to enter a new field, which brings her new interesting experiences and besides, she can capitalize on everything she has learned elsewhere. She is currently doing initial analyses where she finds out the needs of companies and offers them a possible way to find quality candidates in an innovative way.

Marketing Business Consultant
Kateřina Dvořáková
Kateřina worked as an Operation Manager in an architectural firm and then in a dynamic start-up, where she was responsible for the expansion of the company into European countries, setting up processes with individual partners and managing a small team of people. At Prodator she is responsible for coordinating client recruitment campaigns. Her goal is always to keep colleagues and customers happy and achieve the desired goals together.

Clients Manager
+420 606 053 127
Jiří Křelina
Jirka leads a team of media buyers and oversees the quality performance of campaigns. He has experience in performance marketing, brand awareness, writing and HR. He has worked as a marketing generalist at Xiaomi, Slevomat and PSN.

Marketing Manager
Jakub Jevčič
I took my first steps in the online world in England, where I worked on projects with British Airways and Brighton Council. In Slovakia I had the opportunity to work as an online marketer for Holiday Inn Trnava or one of the best hotels Zlatý Kľúčik. Today I mainly focus on website development, social media maintenance and now I am working with an innovative company Their huge advantage is countless experience in the industry, teamwork on a daily basis, and most importantly for me, working from home.

Facebook Marketing Expert & Web Designer
Eduard Hlava
Eduard is here through automation, which means we don't need more people on the team because you'd be surprised what can be done when you know how to do it. He prepares client campaigns technically and speeds up company processes.

IT Analyst

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You don’t pay hundreds of thousands of crowns for the entire campaign, but the cost is spread over several months.

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