We are a performance marketing agency and will find you 9 people within 90 days for specialized positions such as
Truck driver  Salesperson  Mechanic  Electrician  Production operator
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Why are we the best in recruitment campaigns and HR marketing?

Almost anyone can run an ad on Facebook and Instagram today. But maximizing its potential requires long-standing experience and a sense for business. We don’t deal with branding, content marketing creation, or PR. We focus exclusively on recruiting new employees on social networks. This is our strength, and we can help you too!

Our method is suitable for HR, business owners, and recruiters who have a headache thinking about recruiting new employees, salespeople, and generally specialized positions from job portals. Get rid of the pain and get the hottest candidates from the largest pool of Czech internet!

We will provide you with qualified contacts tailored to your company, filter out irrelevant candidates, and fill your interview calendar!

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qualified candidates on average in the 1st month of cooperation
every fifth interview ends in a hire
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Recruit faster and save money

You don’t pay for hires but for the campaign, so the more people you recruit, the less you pay.

How do clients evaluate our collaboration?

11 most frequent questions: FAQ

The first step is a phone contact where our HR Marketing Consultant finds out if we can solve your recruitment situation.

If yes, then during a meeting based on the information, we will create an estimate of the costs for the position you are looking for.

If it fits your budget, we will show how the Prodator method worked for similar locations or positions.

You don’t pay for hires; you pay for a functional campaign that brings hires. The more you recruit, the more cost-effective the hire price will be.

It depends on the location where you want to launch the recruitment campaign. The cost of advertising varies in each country.

Precise pricing is based on the duration of cooperation, the number of people and positions you need to recruit.

The average campaign price per month is 80,000 – 100,000 CZK.

Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks depending on the client’s collaboration and our workload.

For instance, our record in launching a campaign is 3 working days, so we can prioritize a client and speed up the process.

More than 50% of clients have recruits in the first month. It depends on the position, but usually, it’s 2-3 recruits per month.

For production positions, it’s around 3-5 recruits monthly.

The client doesn’t have to continue, and it doesn’t cost them any more than what they paid for the first month, which was invested in the Facebook advertising budget.

Secondly, as a company, we are at a loss since the costs of creating a campaign are twice the monthly fee.

For companies that need to recruit dozens of people for the same position, such as manufacturing, salesperson, driver, etc., in a short period of 2-6 months.

If you need to recruit 2 or more people, at least twice a year.

For us, staffing agencies are not competitors but rather ideal clients for collaboration because they process the leads from our campaigns very well.

We can recruit a truck driver for 12,000 CZK, who they then sell for double the salary to a given company.

That’s how we work in symbiosis.

Social networks change incredibly quickly, and if you don’t engage with them daily, you can’t expect a quality result. Who will have a better result?

The one with over 300 campaigns behind them or the one with just 1?

Big companies are looking for a tangible solution to recruit dozens of people annually at a predetermined price and by a certain date, otherwise, they can terminate the collaboration even month by month.

We are the only ones who can still target by age and gender, which is why Amsterdam Airport chose to collaborate with us, where we recruited 282 people in an incredible 90 days!

Our targeting is also 2.5 times more effective thanks to the FB pixel, which we can activate thanks to the lookalike audience right from the start.

Given our guarantee, we have a limited number of campaigns we can create each month.

Contact us, and together we will find out if the Prodator® method can fill the positions you need within a month and at what cost.
Reach out in time.

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